We regret to inform you that our service has officially been sunset. We sincerely appreciate your support throughout the years. Thank you for being a valued customer.

What is number service?

Number service gives you a toll free or local number to separate private and business. You can use our number to send and receive phone calls. Think of it as a virtual or cloud number that you manage from our mobile-friendly dashboard.

What is a toll free number?

Phone numbers with fixed 3 digit codes, for example 888, 877 or 800 are toll free numbers. Such numbers are free to call. Businesses usually use toll free numbers to allow their customer to call in with no fees for the customer. A toll free number will also raise your authority in the eyes of your clients.

Is calling a toll free number free?

Yes, when you call a toll free number, there is no charge for you. This is a convenience smart businesses provide for their clients.

How to get a toll free number?

Just by using the form above. Search our vast database of toll free and local numbers and choose the best one for your task in hand. Click on any number and follow our 2 minute process!

What is a local number?

Local numbers starts with area code related to a specific geographic area, usually a particular city or an area within that city. Local numbers give your client a confidence when answering calls.